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New Jersey Concierge

& Errands Solutions

For Busy Professionals

Serving Bergen,Essex

Hudson & Passaic County

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Welcome to

New Jersey Concierges

For smooth Summer and preparation for September

Let us take the weight off your shoulders by handing your to do list over to us..

Need travel or business visas, having just relocated, your hands full with a newborn, recovering from surgery or an illness, let us help, we are ready to step in.

You might look for assistance with more mundane tasks, like laundry, food shopping , mail or walking the dog, let us wrap as many of these as we can in 1 h.

Traveling in the US or abroad let us put our global network to use and help you discover a few local gems.

We Charge by the Hour not by the Task .

We are available to answer any questions you may have about our services whether you need them at home or at work.

Do not hesitate to Contact Us by Phone at 973-941-0981 or E-Mail at info@njconcierges.com